July 16, 2023

We participated in the Amateur Hour Cooking Competition and came second

We are excited to share that we participated in the Amateur Hour Cooking Competition hosted by Reddish Chronicles in Abuja on the 2nd of June. The competition was a fun and challenging opportunity for our students to showcase their culinary skills and creativity. We are proud to announce that we came second in the competition, after a close contest.

Reddish Chronicles is the number one culinary school in Nigeria, which offers world-class culinary education and services1. The competition was part of their initiative to encourage young people to explore their creativity and discover their passions in the culinary field. The competition featured students from multiple secondary schools in Abuja including Lead British International School Abuja and Kingsville College Abuja.

The participants representing our school  impressed the judges with their skills and enthusiasm. They were challenged to create a simple dish with a unique twist using only the ingredients provided by Reddish Chronicles. They were evaluated based on their creativity in plating, taste, and hygiene.

The winner of the competition was Lead British International School Abuja, who received a 6-week scholarship program with Reddish Chronicles. We congratulate them for their achievement and thank them for being good sports. We also appreciated other participants for their participation and camaraderie.

We are grateful to Reddish Chronicles for organizing this competition and giving our students a chance to learn from their professional chefs and instructors. We also thank our teachers and parents for their support and encouragement. We had a great time participating in this competition and we look forward to more opportunities to showcase our talents and passions.

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