Stylish Background with ACIC Student

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Our school offers a diverse and engaging curriculum that prepares our students for lifelong learning and global citizenship.
Stylish Background with ACIC Students
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Academic Departments

A curriculum is only as effective as how well it is implemented, and how well students interact with it. With that in mind, we use the following to develop effective learners at ACIC:

  • Involvement – engaging students to take an active part in all learning activities.
  • Building – on their experiences and interests.Risk-taking – encouraging students to take intellectual risks and to learn from errors.
  • Communicating – keeping the channels of communication wide open and fostering. collaboration and cooperation.

Aligned with international standards, the instructional programme at ACIC consists of the core subjects of Mathematics, English, and Science. Each student will also study the following subjects: Humanities, Music, Design & Technology, Physical Education, Art, ICT, and Drama. A brief overview of these courses is as follows

Your Child deserves a World Class Education in a mid-town college Location, with a state-of-the-art campus facility, that is highly secured, safe and serene for learning
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